Composer of original symphonic orchestrations. Thirty of my compositions were played at a concert in Tokyo, Bunkakaikan Hall. In the years following, my compositions were performed live on the radio by the Japanese Broadcasting Company and by various soloists in their recitals.
Burton Foreman - Author, Teacher, Composer.

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The Way of the Lotus

The Way of the Lotus.
My Book: The Way of the Lotus
The Way of the Lotus by Burton V. Foreman

What is this book about?

In the l990’s years before “The Da Vinci Code” proposed a fictional twist to the hypothesis of Jesus’ marriage to Magdalene advocated by the author of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” - the controversial research that rocked the Vatican – the argument of a possible present-day descendant of the Christian Messiah had already inspired me to write “The Way of the Lotus.”

What happens when young, devout Catholic woman from the East Coast lands in a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan run by an unorthodox priest, who is also a popular television celebrity? What is she going to do when she finds herself falling in love with this handsome, mysterious giant of a man who is suspected of practicing a heretical, sexual “way” to rise up into the arms of The Buddha? What is the relationship between the Holy Family and this Japanese Buddhist priest? With what I consider a compelling page-turning adroitness I have woven a unique story of human passions and struggle for love and truth recognizable anywhere in the world.

And why “The Way of the Lotus?”

The beautiful lotus flower floats on the surface of a lotus pond, while its stem sinks down deep into muddy waters. To the ancient ones this came to represent the religion known as Buddhism. The muddy, murky depth is the complexities and depravities of our human life. The stem rising up to the surface then becomes a way, a route for all living creatures to climb up to the surface. There, in place of the lotus flower, sits the Buddha, serene and waiting, welcoming the arduous traveler on his way up to his bosom, to a paradise, known as Nirvana.  “The Way of the Lotus” means Buddhism.

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